next generation hydro active wound dressing


epicitehydro wet wound dressing / tamponade consists of biotechnologically extracted cellulose and isotonic saline solution. The products are individually sterile-packed and sterilised by irradiation. epicitehydro wet wound dressing / tamponade has a cooling effect and creates a moist wound environment. In addition, it absorbs excess exudate. epicitehydro adapts to the particular shape and depth of the wound and can be cut to the size of the wound. Because of this, the products are also suitable for parts of the body which are difficult to treat.
epicitehydro is fully registered as medical device with EC certificate.


epicitehydro wet wound dressing / tamponade is suitable for especially

  • dressing 1st and 2nd degree burn wounds
  • wounds which have a slight to moderate level of exudate
  • wounds which are superficial or deep surgical wounds, skin grafts, skin graft donor sites, abrasions, laceration.



  1. Wound Preparation
    • Clean the wound carefully and properly.
  2. Application of the Wound Dressing
    • To apply the wet wound dressing, open the sterile packaging and remove the dressing.Remove the protective film on both sides. The size of the wet wound dressing depends on the area of the wound and should overlap the wound by 2 - 3 cm. If necessary, the wet wound dressing can be cut to size with sterile scissors.
    • Place the wet wound dressing on the wound and press it to shape. Both sides of the dressing can be used. If necessary, the wet wound dressing should be fixed in place using a suitable secondary covering (e.g. fatty gauze dressing).
  3. Application as Wound Tamponade
    • For use as a tamponade, fold it several times and insert it loosely into the wound. The wound must not be completely filled. Cover the tamponade with a suitable secondary dressing.
  4. Change and Removal of Dressing/Tamponade
    • The intervals for changes, at which the epicitehydro wet wound dressing / tamponade must be renewed is specified by the treating physician according to the state of the wound.
    • For dressing changes, remove the secondary dressing and carefully lift o. the wet wound dressing at one side and then gently pull it o. the wound, or gently pull the tamponade out of the wound. If the dressing has dried, moisten it adequately with sterile saline solution before removing the wet wound dressing. Dispose of the wet wound dressing or tamponade according to the national regulations
    • Clean the wound before applying a further wet wound dressing / tamponade



epicitehydro wet wound dressing / tamponade is only intended for single use and must not be prepared for re-use. Sterility is guaranteed as long as the package is closed and undamaged.

Please inform a doctor or a nurse if the following symptoms occur:

  • signs of infection
  • change in the colour and/or smell of the wound
  • stagnating wound healing.

The product must not be used in cases of known intolerance or allergy to one or more ingredients.


VS 2018-08-17