next generation hydro-active wound dressing

epicitehydro - the hydro-active dressing for an ideal wound healing environment

The biotechnology derived cellulose provides unique properties to the wound dressing epicitehydro. It contains a minimum of 95% isotonic saline solution due to its very dense and homogeneous structure.

  • Creates a supportive moist environment to the wound with a favorable hydrobalance and water vapor permeability.
  • Absorbs excess wound exudates.
  • Provides an immediate cooling effect after its application.
  • Adapts easily to all types and shapes of wounds and can be cut to a sizable fit.
  • Dries out during the healing process and after successful epithelization can be peeled off easily and nearly pain-free.
  • Easy to store (5 – 30°C).

The unique structure of epicitehydro provides plenty of moisture to the skin