A cooling vest designed for use by medical personnel in hospitals.


The cooling effect of the QRCOOL vest is based on 3D-COOL technology:

  • The surface of the QRCOOL vest consists of a functional material which dries very rapidly.
  • The 3D fleece fabric in the inner lining stores water within the fibers. Therefore, physical pressure alone does not lead to a release of the stored water. Your clothes remain dry.
  • The water is physically released via evaporation with a cooling effect of up to 660 Watt. This corresponds to a cooling temperature of up to 12°C.
  • If the workplace temperature rises, the cooling effect of the QRCOOL vest adapts accordingly.

Dry and fast cooling, everywhere
Allows a cooling up to 12°C
Cooling effect for 6 to 8 hours
Performance increase up to 10%
Anti-bacterial, washable and hygienic
Environmentally friendly and climate-neutral