QRSKIN GmbH: Dedicated to effective wound care products for the treatment of burns and critical wounds

QRSKIN GmbH is an international medical device company based in Würzburg (Germany).

Skin is our passion: our mission is to develop and manufacture innovative and highly effective wound dressings for children and adults who suffer from severe wounds such as burns, ulcers, abrasions, lacerations and skin grafts.

Our main focus is on burns: we offer innovative wound dressings for patients as well as products and solutions for medical personnel in burn units. Our management team has a profound background in the Health Care Industry and more than 15 years of experience in burn treatment.

QRSKIN has a strong network of burn and plastic surgeon specialists around the world and we are currently distributing our products in more than 20 countries. Our innovative and high quality products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

QRSKIN’s R&D department is working on new projects in close cooperation with leading organizations and renowned medical specialists from burn centers around the world.